Enabling .NET Framework 3.5 fails using DISM fails with error 1910


When attempting to enable .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows using the DISM command mentioned in the WebReport installation guide, the attempt fails with error 1910

Command: dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /all /Source:e:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess

Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
Version: 10.0.14393.0

Image Version: 10.0.14393.0

Error: 1910

The object exporter specified was not found.

The DISM log file can be found at C:\WINDOWS\Logs\DISM\dism.log

Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution




The Windows Modules Intaller service is not operating correctly, and has to be restarted. The service is however protected, so this can not be done through the services control panel.


  1. Kill "TrustedInstaller.exe" from the Windows task manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC)
  2. Start the "Windows Modules Installer" service from Windows services (Start->Run->services.msc)
  3. Try again, either using the command or the "SBO Reports Preparation" tool