How to update a Security Expert Demonstration License once it expires.


How to update a demo Security Expert License once it expires.

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SmartStruxure Solution, Other


Security Expert


Not sure how to re-active the demo license after it has expired.


To extend your demo licenses you will need to contact Product Support to have the license expiration date extended and then update/download it again. 

1. Go to About -> License, go to License Update tab and click on Download License and then OK to update.
2. You will need to have a connection to the internet so the client can connect to the license server. If there is absolutely no way to get the PC onto the internet (easiest option) then you can generate a license request file and attempt to register this manually. If this does not work then send the license request file in to Product Support with your details and a license file will be generated and sent back. Load this license using the "Browse for your download license file" option on that same license page.