VideoXpert: How many Oncam Evo cameras can be viewed in VxOpsCenter?


Streaming multiple Oncam camera in Ops Center

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert
  • Ops Center
  • Oncam Evo5
  • Oncam Evo12


Oncam cameras use more resources at the client due to dewarping


VxOpsCenter version 2.2 and newer

Starting with VxOpsCenter 2.2 we no longer have a limit to how many primary Oncam streams we support viewing. When the system starts hitting any limits, it will start downgrading the streams automatically as needed or provide a message stating which resource is running low.


Previous Versions of VxOpcCenter

We support viewing 2 primary streams at max resolution from the Oncam EVO5 and EVO12. This means 2 Oncams for a layout with 6 cells or less.

For high density layouts, performance will vary depending on your secondary stream settings. We recommend using the 0.25M Pixel stream but depending on the layouts you use, and the performance of your client, you may be able to use a higher resolution stream.