VxPro Software Only Installation Quick Start Guide


Customer is installing the VxPro software only solution for the first time

Product Line

Pelco Video Management




New installation


Getting Started with VxPro

Ensure that your VxPro server is on the network before you run the VxPro installer.
Download the latest version of VxPro before you begin.


  1. Run the VxPro installer.
  2. Accept the license agreement.

  3. Select your installation type. Use the Select Apps option only if you do not want to install the complete VxPro package.
  4. Indicate whether to perform a default or custom installation.   The default installation with version will select the drive with the most available space for the storage location for video and exports.
  5. Click Next.

  6. Click Install.


Server configuration:

  1. Click Configure....  to begin configuration using VxToolbox.

  2. Click OK.

  3. Set the password for the admin user on your VxPro system.

  4. Provide a Company Name; this is the name by which Pelco’s licensing portal will recognize your VxPro Server.

  5. Click the System Tab.
  6. Enter an NTP address.
  7. Click Save Settings.

  8. Click the Cameras tab.
  9. Click the binoculars icon to discover cameras.
  10. Highlight the cameras you would like to add to VxPro.
  11. Click the Vx button.



  1. Click on the Licensing tab.
  2. Click the Add  (+ plus symbol at bottom right corner of top Entitlements window) button to add a license. If your system has an active Internet connection with access to http://licensing.pelco.com, you can select the option to activate the license online and skip the remaining steps in the licensing process.
  3. Enter your activation ID in the Activation ID box, and then click Enter. A Request File, named [activation-id-number].bin, will be downloaded to the local computer after selecting Save.
  4. Copy the downloaded request file to a PC with internet access. Navigate to the Pelco licensing server at http://licensing.pelco.com using a web browser.
  5. Log in to the Pelco licensing server. You can use your user name and password or your Activation ID.
  6. Click Generate Offline License.
  7. Click Browse..., select your Request File (example: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxx.bin) , and then click Open.
  8. Click Submit. Select the Download button and then OK to download the response.bin file to the local computer.
  9. Copy the response.bin file to the VxPro recorder/server.  Return to the Licensing page within VxToolbox.
  10. Click the Choose file button at the top of the screen to the right of 'Entitlement Pending', locate the response.bin file and click Open.
  11. Click Import License File button at top right.
  12. Repeat if multiple license need to be applied.

Creating a user

  1. Go to the Users tab.
  2. Click the add symbol.
  3. Enter a username and password.
  4. Assign a role to the user (Admin, Manager, Supervisor, User).
  5. Provide additional user information.(not required).
  6. Click Add.


Configuring the client software on the server.

  1. Launch VxOpsCenter.
  2. Enter credentials for a local administrative account
  3. Enter an NTP server address.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click OK on the Log Out Required popup.
  6. Log in with the user account created earlier.


JBOD drive configuration

On initial configuration, your VxPro JBOD system will record all cameras to a single drive. You must add your additional JBOD drives to a volume group through the VxStorage interface to record using the full capacity of your JBOD system. Click the below link to follow the JBOD configuration guide.

JBOD Configuration for VxPro