VxPro Workstation Configuration Guide


First time configuration Of VxPro -WKS

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert
  • VxPro
  • VxPro-WKS


First time setup


Getting Started with VxPro

Download the latest version of VxPro from Pelco.com before you begin.

First Time Launch:

  1. Power on your server.
  2. At the login screen, login with the default password: Pel2899100.
  3. If you would like to change your hostname or set a static IP you can do so.
  4. Run the VxPro installer.
  5. Accept the license agreement.

  6. The VxPro Components that will be upgraded are listed. Click Upgrade.

  7. Click Yes at the UAC prompt.

  8. Once finished click Close.

  9. Launch VxOpsCenter from the desktop icon.
  10. Enter a Workstation Name.
  11. Create a local admin account.

  12. Enter the IP address for your NTP server.
  13. Click Apply.
  14. Click Vx System Connections.

  15. Click the add symbol.
  16. Enter your VxPro server IP address.
  17. Click Test Connection.

  18. Enter the credentials to your VxPro server and Click OK.

  19. You should see the message: Connection Successful. Click Save.

  20. Click OK.

  21. You can now log into your system.