How to enable camera side motion detection for Sarix Professional 2 series IP cameras.


  • Enable motion detection in a Sarix IMP221 for event recording on a 3rd party VMS.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Sarix Pro2 second generation Professional Series IP cameras.
    • IMP, IJP, IBP, IWP, IXP - 121, 221,321, 521


Motion detection is not enabled by default.


Note: It's possible a VMS can automatically enable the cameras motion detection using the API (Digital Sentry will enable automatically enable when configured in the VMS software), if not sure you can check the setting in the cameras web interface after configuring in the VMS.


Enable camera side motion detection via the cameras web interface

  1.  Access the camera using a web browser by typing in the IP address.
  2. Login using the 'admin' credentials (default = admin,admin)
  3. Navigate to Settings > Events > Motion Detection

  4.  Motion Zone Area Setting
    1. Check Enabled button to enable Motion for any or all Zones 1 to 4.
      Note: Click on the button '+' to expand the section of each zone settings, and click on the button '-' to collapse.
    2. Sensitivity: Choose different levels of sensitivity from High, Medium, and Low.
      • High: Motion is activated with slight changes in brightness or motion.
      • Low: Motion is activated with big changes in brightness or motion.
      • Medium: The threshold of sensitivity is in the middle between High and Low.
    3. Object Size can be defined from the range 1 to 100 for detection on wanted objects.
    4. Set the desired area to trigger motion detection. The red frame of motion setup will appear for defining the detection area by dragging the mouse.

    5. Click the Save button to save the settings, or click the Reset button to clear all of the information you entered without saving it.
    6. Verify motion detection is now triggering in the VMS or when using IP camera specific features such as the Sound Notification Handler, SD Record Handler or SMTP Notification Handler.