How do I get access to Level 2 technical support?


Customer requires advanced technical support.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Pelco Products


Troubleshooting is necessary.


Pelco's Level 2 technical support team is here to help when our customers have more advanced issues and require troubleshooting assitance.

To receive Level 2 support assitance, one of the following must be true:

  • The case has been triaged via our Level 1 team who has determined that Level 2 support is necessary. In this case, the call or email will be forwarded to a Level 2 agent within your region.
  • The customer already has an open Level 2 case. In this situation, the customer will need to provide the Level 1 agent with the case number and their case will be routed appropriatly.
  • The customer is a Platinum Partner Advantage customer. All Platinum customers are entitled to direct Level 2 access regardless of the situation. We automatically screen calls via our phone system and case managment system to route these customers appropriatly. For more informataion on becoming a Partner Advantage member, please visit the Partner Advantage site or contact your local sales representative.