Replacing an EP1501 Controller


Does all doors and schedules have to be recreated when an EP1501 controller has to be replaced.

Product Line




Server 2012

SQL 2012 R2


EP1501 Controller loses power and starts going on/off line continuously and need to be replaced.


To replace an EP1501 controller, the following steps need to be followed:

  1. Open up the instance that the device is configured on
  2. From the hardware tree, select the device that needs to be replaced
  3. Double click to open a new window
  4. Once the replacement device is powered and configured, copy its MAC address
  5. On the old one,  delete it' s MAC address and paste the new one in
  6. Perform a save and close, then right click and select the option to Reboot
  7. Once the controller comes online again it will start communicating with the sub devices
  8. Open up a Live Monitoring Window and verify that events are coming in correctly