VxPro: aggregation connection test fails


Vx Ultimate fails to connect to an aggregated VxPro system.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VxPro installer version
  • Vx Ultimate


Aggregator password has not been set in VxPro.

Vx Core log will show the following message:
ERROR [2017-07-18 11:27:37.106] [dw-751 - POST /system/members/v4.5/validate] com.pelco.vms.webService.business.requesthandlers.system.SystemRequestManager: Failed retrieving Serenity System from remote site due to server application response error


1. Log into the VxPro system

2. Launch Toolbox.

3. Click the Users tab.

4. Edit the aggregator account.

5.  Set a password. 

6. Open the Admin Portal for the Ultimate system

7. Navigate to Config >> Aggregation >> Add system

8. Add the VxPro system information and use the newly created aggregator password.

9. The connection test should be successful