VideoXpert: How to delete Enhanced Decoder config from Linux terminal


After reconfiguring the Ops Center the Decoders will not connect

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert
  • D10U (7040M)
  • D09U (9020M)


Reconfiguration of the system


To reset the decoder delete phoenixconf.xml from the decoder users home directory.

  1. SSH into the decoder using PuTTY. (If you do not know the IP of the decoder you will need to connect a keyboard directly to the decoder, hold Ctrl, Alt and F1 to bring up the terminal)

  2. Click Yes on the below message.

  3. Login with the following credentials [Username: decoder Password: pelco] and click Enter.

  4. Type rm phoenixconf.xml and click Enter.

  5. Type sudo reboot and click Enter.
  6. When prompted for the password type pelco and click Enter.

  7. Close Putty and allow the decoder to reboot.
  8. After the decoder has rebooted it will display the IP address on the screen. It is now ready to be configured as a new monitor in the OpsCenter client.