Endura WS5080 system recovery procedure.


Pelco Endura WS5080 workstation needs to be reimaged due to corrupt OS drive or the workstation software fails clean removal and reinstallation. 

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Endura WS5080


The OS drive has suffered data corruption and is no longer able to boot.

The Endura Workstation software no longer functions and uninstall from Programs and Features fails to remove.


First, if you have the original recovery media (DVD or USB flash drive) shipped with the unit, use that.  Otherwise, the image can be downloaded and USB recovery disk created.

In order to reimage the WS5080 hard drive please use the following process:

  1. Locate the Microsoft Windows certificate of authenticity label on the unit chassis and make a note of the key
    • After the recovery process, the Microsoft Windows operating system will need to be activated using this key
  2. Obtain a USB flash drive 8GB or larger
  3. Prepare the flash drive, which will erase the drive, so copy any necessary files off the drive first
    1. Using a Windows 7 PC, format the USB flash drive by using diskpart in Command Prompt by typing:
      • > Diskpart
      • list disk
      • select disk X  (where X is the USB key drive letter mounted)
      • clean
      • create partition primary
      • select partition 1
      • active
      • format fs=ntfs quick
      • assign
      • exit
    2. Extract the files from the image .ZIP file to the USB flash drive
  4. Eject/remove the USB flash drive
  5. Insert the flash drive into the Workstation's USB port
  6. Boot the workstation and follow the prompts that come up

WS5080 recovery files can be downloaded here.  This is a 6.8GB file, so make sure you have access to high speed (broadband) Internet when you download.