Can objects be imported from CSV file to be used as a site template?


There are a number of object tabs that support the functionality of exporting to a CSV file. Can this CSV file then be used as a template and imported into another site? 

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SmartStruxure Solution, Other


Security Expert


Not sure how to import objects from CSV as a database creation tool.


The export options are so you can export the required records to a file as part of site documentation, administration etc. There is no way to import anything other than users using a CSV file. 


  1. A database backup that is already configured can be restored to a new system to be used as a site template.

  2. Another option for using the same configuration is the Copy Controller Feature. If you want to have multiple sites within a single Security Expert Server, take a bank for example where each branch is a separate site in the one server but configured pretty much the same, you could utilize the Copy Controller feature to copy all the programming from the template controller to a new one. Please note that although this feature currently exists within Security Expert it is currently being worked on by our engineers to improve its functionality.