VXS: Troubleshoot internal cooling FAN failure.


The VideoXpert Storage "Unit Status" LED is blinking RED quickly, what does this indicate?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VXS - Super Micro
  • IPMI - hardware web interface
  • System FAN(s)


Internal FAN failure


If the Unit Status LED is blinking quickly (1x/sec), this indicates an internal cooling FAN failure.

Determine which FAN has failed without removing the LID

  1. Use Super Micros built in IPMI hardware access web interface.

    Follow the steps in this article to configure the interface: Video Xpert Storage: How to access the SuperMicro hardware web interface
  2. Once connected and logged in via the web interface. Navigate to Server Health > Sensor Readings > Select a sensor type category: drop down menu > Fan Sensors.

  3. Verify which FAN is reporting a problem.
  4. Remove the LID by pressing down on the two buttons in the LIDs mid section and while holding slide back, then lift up.

  5. Refer to the below image to determine which FAN to replace.

  6. Replacement FAN part numbers:

    Mid Fans VXS-FAN-MID 3
    Rear Fan VXS-FAN-REAR 2