Spectra III dip switches and dip switch information sticker do not match.


The dip switches and dip switch information sticker do not match, what is the correct dip switch setting?


Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra 3 Dome Series cameras
    • DD53TC16
    • DD53


Change with sticker or dipswitch hardware causing mismatch.


There was a short period of time where a Spectra III could have been shipped with dipswitch hardware which did not match the dip switch information sticker.

Example of issue:


The SW banks should still match up, SW1 listed on the sticker is the correct bank but the dip switch number could be incorrect.

  1. Refer to this information sheet on how to set the address dip switches HERE
  2. First using the sticker information, configure SW1-1 to ON and then connect the Dome into the housing.  The dome will now power up, watch the video from the camera as the camera boots, verify you see "D address 1".  If you see D - Address = 1 then you will follow the sticker for dip switch addressing.  If you see "D address 128" then the values are backwards on the sticker, so SW1-1 actually = SW1-8 and SW1-8 actually = SW1-1.