How to configure VideoXpert Storage to record motion detection from Oncam Grandeye Evolution EVO-12 series cameras


During installation, motion detection must be configured for Oncam Grandeye cameras

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Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


VideoXpert VXS Storage
VideoXpert Pro
Oncam Grandeye Evolution EVO-12 series immersive camera


Motion detection needs to be configured


In order to configure motion detection within the Oncam Grandeye EVO12 cameras, the following settings must be configured:
  • Alarm Settings
  • Regions
  • VideoXpert Record Schedule
1. Configure Alarm Settings
  • Connect to the camera via web browser
  • In the right-hand pane, click ADMIN, then click Alarm Settings
  • In the Alarm Settings window, do the following:
    • Check the 'Enable Alarm' box
    • Select the desired 'Alarm Signal Duration'
    • Click 'View Triggers' button to see if 'Motion Detection' is already listed
    • In the 'Type' field, select 'Motion Detection'
    • Click 'Add New Trigger'
    • Ensure 'Motion Detection' appears in the 'Active Triggers' list
    • Click 'Save Settings' at the top of the window
2. Configure the motion detection regions
  • In the right-hand panel, click 'Regions' at the bottom
  • Select 'Motion Detection'
  • Select a region number in the list [1-16]
  • Enter a name (a region cannot be created unless there is a name entered)
  • Click 'Draw'
  • Use the mouse to click in the image where the vertices of the detection region should be
  • When 3 or more vertices have been set, Click Save
    • while creating the region, an opaque mask will cover the region
    • after clicking save, the mask will clear and lines will appear around the desired region
    • the 'Custom Sensitivity' slide bar can be used to adjust sensitivity, however this setting applies to ALL regions (global setting)
  • When motion detection is triggered, an alarm bell icon should flash below the right-hand corner of the camera image

3. Configure the recorder and record schedules within the respective user interface for VideoXpert Enterprise (admin portal) or VideoXpert Pro (VXToolbox)