VxPro: How to setup LDAP authentication.


Setting up LDAP with VxPro

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert
  • VxPro
  • VxToolbox


First time setup


Add all domain user accounts manually to VxPro

1. Launch VxToolbox.
2. Go to the Users tab.
3. Click the Plus symbol.
4. Enter a user name and password.
5. Assign a role to the user.
6. Provide additional user information (First Name, Last Name, etc).
7. Click Save.
8. Repeat for all users.
Configure VxPro to authenticate with an LDAP server.
1. Go to the System tab.
2. Click the LDAP button at the top left.
3. Click the LDAP radio button.
4. Fill in the following details.
Path: psee.local
Port: 389
Base DN:DC=psee,DC=local
Search DN: CN= Administrator,CN=users,DC=psee,DC=local
Search DN Password: Pel2899100 (Password for Administrator)
Search Attributes: sAMAccountName,distinguishedName
5. Click Test Connection.
6. Enter credentials for a user found in the LDAP directory.
7. Click Test.
8. You should see a message stating "Connection and Authentication Successful!"
9. Click OK.
10. Click Save settings.
11. You will see a popup stating "Authentication Expired" .
12. Click Next. 
13. Re-enter your admin account password.
14. You can now log into OCC using your domain credentials