VxPro: Managing Users


  • How to create a custom user account in VxPro software.
  • What access levels are available for VxPro user accounts.
  • Can you edit or customize user roles?
  • Edit user account information, username, password...etc.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert Professional
  • VxPro
    • ECO, Flex, Power
  • VxToolbox


Change user account information on a VxPro platform.


Internal and Restricted User Accounts

VideoXpert contains some hard-coded user accounts that are integral to the system. You cannot edit, disable, or delete these accounts,
nor can you change roles or permissions for these users. You can, however, change the password for these accounts; in the case of the
admin and aggregator accounts, it is recommended that you change the password from the default.


Adding Users

When adding users to the system, you give them a temporary password. Upon logging in for the first time, the system will require users
to change their passwords.
You can also provide additional user information, like name, phone number, and ID, to easier associate user names with personnel;
Name fields appear anywhere the system provides a user name.

  1. Open VxToolbox and navigate to the Users tab.
  2. Click the  at the bottom of the users list.

    Required Fields:
    - Username
    - Password
    - Role
  3. Enter a username and password.
  4. Assign a role to the user.

    It is possible to assign more than 1 role to a user,
  5. Provide additional user information (First Name, Last Name...etc).

  6. Click Add when finished.


Assigning Roles

VxPro contains 4 pre-defined roles that you can assign to users. You cannot change these roles; each user must be assigned a role to
use VxPro. Any locking features or competing actions performed by users are prioritized by user level.

Pre-defined roles

  • Admin - provides a user full access to all system settings and features.
  • Manager - enables the user full access to system features and the ability to configure recording.
  • Supervisor - provides full access to system features, including managing and locking PTZ cameras, and launching views on monitor
    walls or on another user’s workstation.
  • User - is the basic user account that allows access to most system features. However, base users cannot store global settings or
    make any changes that might affect other users.
  1. Open VxToolbox and navigate to the Users tab.
  2. Select or highlight the user account which needs to have a role assigned.
  3. With the user selected, click at the bottom of the user list to open the Edit window.

  4. In the Edit window, click the drop down arrow and select one of the pre-defined roles.

    Note: You can add multiple user roles to the same user via the Add another role option, below is the tooltip information for the feature.

    One example of why you would add more than one role to a user is for event notifications - e.g. if you have an event assigned to the 'user' role but a 'manager' also wanted to receive those events, you could assign the 'user' and 'manager' role to the same user.  This way only that manager would see those events, not all managers.

  5. Click Save when finished.



Resetting Passwords

By default, users must change their passwords every 60 days. Users with appropriate permissions can either reset users’ passwords or
force users to change their passwords early.

Resetting a user’s password will allow you to grant the user a temporary password. Upon logging in, the system will require the user to
change his or her password. You may want to reset a user’s password if a user does not remember his or her password, or the user is
locked out of the system because he or she is locked out of the system due to failed login attempts or let the password change timer

  1. Select the Users tab.
  2. Select the user whose password you want to reset, and click
  3. Click Change Password, and provide a new password.
  4. Click Save.



Deleting Users

  1. Select the Users tab.
  2. Select the user you want to remove.
  3. Click 
  4. Confirm your selection, press the Delete button.


Renaming Users

  1. Select the Users tab.
  2. Select the user you want to rename and click .
  3. Enter a new user name
  4. Click Save.