VideoXpert: How to change the export storage location on the core


An alternate export storage location is required to free up space on the the VideoXpert Core.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert Core:  v2.0.1.10


The Core requires 25% free space on C:\ and therefore an alternate export path is needed.  Failure to maintain at least 25% of free space on the core will result in export failures.


Caution!!!:  Changing the export storage location will prevent you from accessing any exports remaining in the old location.  You must move old exports to the new location to access them through VideoXpert.  The old exports are located in C:\ProgramData\Pelco\Core\exports.

Note:  Select this option and provide a path to store exported video in a single, alternate network location off of the Core.  By defaul, Videoxpert stores exported video on the Core; exports are not distributed among cores in a clustered environment.  

  1. Login into the Core's Admin Portal using the default username admin and password Pel2899100
  2. Click on the Config Tab
  3. Place a check mark next to Store Exports in Alternate Location
  4. Change the export path using this format [\\servername\sharename\path].  In the example below we are temporarily moving the export path from C:\ProgramData\Pelco\Core\ exports to D:\Exports
  5. Enter the Username (if required)
  6. Enter the Password (if required)
  7. Click Save Configuration

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