How do you change the password for VideoXpert Storage server web portal?


After installing a VideoXpert system, the password must be changed, rather than leave them at factory default.

VideoXpert Admin Portal displays a caution symbol next to the VXS Storage server.  When moving the mouse over the caution symbol, a message that reads "Device is UnAuthenticated, Please edit the device with appropriate Username/Password."

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


VideoXpert core
VideoXpert Storage


After installing a VideoXpert system, the user would like to change passwords, rather than leave them at factory default.


In order to change the VideoXpert Storage web portal's password, the password must be set in two places:

  • VideoXpert Storage web portal UI
  • VideoXpert admin portal web UI

In order to change/set the password do the following:

  1. Log into the VideoXpert Storage web UI (portal)
    • http:\\[VxS IP]:9091
    • Log in using default credentials: admin / admin
  2. Click the 'Change Password' link.  The 'Change Password' dialog should come up
    • Fill out the fields: old password, new password, confirm password
    • Click Save
  3. Connect to the VideoXpert admin portal
    • https://[core IP]
    • When using a single Core/CMG, use the core's IPv4 address
    • When using multiple Cores (cluster), use the core's cluster IP address (aka VIP)
  4. Log in using the admin account
  5. Select the 'Devices' tab
  6. Click on the storage unit to highlight it
  7. Click the Edit (pencil) icon
  8. Enter the new password in the 'Password' field
  9. Click 'Save'