How to properly update SM5200 v1.0.0.0847 to


SM5200 must be incrementally updated for best results.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Endura SM5200 System Manager
  • Pelco Utilities


SM5200 Firmware requires updates


Follow these steps when upgrading firmware from SM5200 v1.0.0.0847 to

NOTE: These updates must be performed incrementally. Important!: Please make a backup of the SM5200 before performing any updates.  Refer to LL#9145 for SM5200 backup procedure.

Section 1. Click each link below to download all Software Update Packages (.ppm format) then unzip if necessary.

  1. SM5200 v1.1.0.0129
  2. SM5200 v1.4.0.0050
  3. SM5200 v1.5.2.0031

Section 2. Copy the Software Update Packages to a Workstation PC and add to the Pelco Utilities "Software Packages" Tab -

  1. Once all Software Update Packages are copied to a workstation PC, Launch Pelco Utilities and click on the Software Packages Tab.
  2. Click the Add button (lower right corner).
  3. Browse-to and select the sm5200-1.1.0129-update.ppm or next incremental update file.
  4. Click Open. Pelco Utilities is now equipped with the necessary SM5200 update.


Section 3. Update the SM5200 -

  1. Click the System Attributes Tab...
  2. Click once on the SM5200 Model Category in the left pane.  If there is a failover SM5200 then you only need to choose the Primary SM5200.  The SM5200 Primary, as part of the update process, will automatically push the update to the failover SM5200.
  3. Right-click the SM5200 listed in the right pane, mouseover Device Actions and click Update.

Pelco Utilities will present a dialog stating it is updating. When this finishes, it only means that the PPM file has been uploaded to the SM5200. The SM5200 will update itself as well as the SM5200 failover, if equipped.
Note: Windows or other software Firewall solutions have been known to stop an update from working.  If an error is received, make sure to disable any Firewall and/or anti-virus 

Section 4. Verify the version was properly updated -

  1. From within the Pelco Utilities System Attributes right-side pane, right-click the SM5200 and select Refresh Device Info.
  2. Observe the Version column within the Pelco Utilities System Attributes right-side pane, which should properly indicate the updated firmware version.

Section 5. Repeat steps until the SM5200 version is

  1. Make a database backup after each firmware update.  Refer to LL#9145 for SM5200 backup procedure
  2. Repeat all of sections 2, 3, and 4 as needed with each Software Update Package, until the Primary SM5200 and Failover SM5200 is at the latest release build version