VxPro: Getstarted.exe explained


  • Information is needed regarding the GetStarted.exe software included with VxPro hardware.
  • What is GetStarted in VxPro?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VxPro
  • VxPro-Eco/Flex/Power
  • VideoXpert


Getstarted.exe is launched by default upon first bootup, but disappears after 5 minutes of being idle.


Getstarted.exe was created  to start the 60 day trial the day a customer first boots up the VxPro server. The VxPro software starts the 60 day trial the first day the "VideoXpert Pro Server" service runs, therefore it's disabled by default in our hardware. Getstarted.exe starts the service and leads the customer into configuring the system through VxToolbox.

If a customer does not click yes within 5 minutes, the prompt will disappear. If the customer was idle for 5 minutes or clicked "No" there are a few routes they can take:

1. Update the VxPro software and the service will be started.

2. You can manually trigger the GetStarted script by navigating to C:\Windows\GetStarted-\Getstarted 
     --  New VxPro image = C:\Windows\VxProGettingStarted-1.2.2\VxProGettingStarted-1.2.2



Note: This script is only included with our supplied hardware. Software only installations do not require this script because it is assumed the customer will use the software the first day they install it. Therefore the installer starts the "VideoXpert Pro Server" service by default and the trial period begins.