Install VxPro software on DSSRV2 hardware


What is required to install VideoXpert Professional software on DSSRV2 hardware.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VxPro v1.0.0.3226 and greater
  • DSSRV2
  • Windows 7 Ultimate


Convert DSSRV2 recorders to run VxPro software.


Pelco supports converting DSSRV2 recorders into VideoXpert Professional recorders by removing the Digital Sentry software and installing VideoXpert Professional.

What is not supported

  • VxPro software does not support the ENC5416 / ENC5516 direct attached encoders. If the unit has analog cameras will need to use an IP based encoder such as the NET55xx series.
  • Importing previously recorded video.  VxPro is unable to process video recorded by Digital Sentry software, this process will assume starting fresh as a new recording system. if video must be saved, will need to be copy off the system or the data drives replaced before following the procedure.  The raw video files written by DS recorders are playable using the DS Media Player
  • Digital Sentry IP camera licenses do not transfer, will need to purchase VideoXpert Pro licenses.  VxPro includes a 60 day evaluation license as well as a 4 channel demo license which can be renewed yearly.
  • DSSRV1 hardware
  • Importing a DSbackup from Digital Sentry (camera name's, camera schedules, user accounts)
  • DS Archive Utility - The DS Archive Utility works with Digital Sentry server software only, once converted to VideoXpert this utility can no longer be used.



  • Available (x) free space on the C:\ drive.
  • .NET 4.6.1, Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x64) (both included in the installer)
  • VxPro software downloaded from
  • Available storage drives for recorded video (D:\ and others if JBOD)
  • At least one 1Gbps network connection


DSSRV2 to VxPro software - manual uninstall / install

  1. Free space on the OS drive: Verify the C:\ drive shows a total size of at least 110GB's or greater.  If not refer to the KB article: How to Increase the C: Partition Size of the DSSRV2
  2. Uninstall DS software: Do a complete uninstall of the Digital Sentry software: How to completely uninstall Digital Sentry Software Suite
  3. Install VX Front Panel Service: Download and install the VX Front Panel Service    

    Note: This Front Panel service was designed for a VX Enterprise CMG which used the same hardware as the DSSRV2's, ignore the section 'Software Service Status'.
  4. Insure data drives are ready: Format the data drives (D:\, E:\, F:\...etc) and verify available storage (NTFS - Perform a quick format).
  5. Install VxPro software: Install the VxPro software downloaded from, make sure to select the first data drive for the recording directory.  VxPro will only show one data drive during installation, you can add the others after installation.
  6. Installation instructions: Detailed walkthrough of the installation and quick start configuration guide: VxPro Software Only Installation Quick Start Guide

Note: VideoXpert Pro licenses, Base (VXP-BASE), *Channel (*VXP-16C), **SUP (**VXP-SUP-3Y) are required after the 60 day evaluation period.  There is a 4 camera demo license which can be renewed yearly free of charge.

(*)Replace '16C' with the desired number of channels (cameras/data sources)...e.g.. 1C, 4C, 8C, 32C, 64C, 96C.
(**)Optional, without purchased licenses come with a 1 year SUP (Software Upgrade Plan)


For more detailed VxPro specification information, refer to the VxPro Specifications sheet