VxPro: Supported Integrations


Customer would like to know if an integration is supported with VxPro

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert Professional
  • VxPro


Some VideoXpert integrations are not validated with VxPro


Supported integrations with VxPro

  • Security Expert  **Release version of Security Expert ( wont work. Contact Security Expert Support for a controlled release.
  • Software House 2.5
  • eConnect

Supported by Design: 

  • AMAG Symmetry Traditional Integration
  • AMAG VX OCC Plug-In
  • AccessXpert Traditional Integration (North America)
  • Gallagher Traditional Integration
  • Continuum VX OCC Plug-In

**Note: Integrations created with Vx SDK 2.0 "work by design" with VxPro but the above integrations have not been validated.

Integrations that don't work with VxPro:

  • Lenel OnGuard