Suprema Fingerprint Reader Integration


Suprema Fingerprint Reader Integration

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Suprema Fingerprint Reader


No information on Suprema Fingerprint Reader integration is available.


Thre is not much information available on Suprema Fingerprint Reader Integration with Security Expert
  1. There is the on-line help. Search for "Biometric Readers" and "Suprema" for this information. You will need the SX-BIO-SP license for this integration, one license per reader.
  2. Each Suprema reader requires a wiegand port on a controller / expander, a license and an IP address. The amount of Suprema readers allowed is only limited by these numbers. 
  3. ICT testing only encompassed Suprema Bioentry W and W2 Fingerprint Readers, any other models are unknown if they have problems or not.
  4. Relevent document from ICT wiki on Setting Up Suprema Biometric Integration With Security Expert.pdf.