VxS: How to update the Windows Drivers for the RAID controller


The steps detailed in the resolution of this article may result in a loss of critical data if not performed properly. Before beginning these steps, make sure all important data is backed up in the event of data loss. If you are unsure, please contact Product Support Services prior to attempting the procedure below.


Need to update the Windows Drivers for the VxS RAID controller

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Pelco Video Management


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If you are getting error messages about "Controller encountered a fatal error and was reset" on your VxS, update the RAID controller Windows drivers.


The steps to update the RAID controller Windows Drivers are as follows:


1) Use this link to download the updated Windows Driver files: VxS LSI 3108 Driver v6.714.05.00

2) Unzip the contents of the zip file to a flash drive and insert the flash drive into the VxS you want to update.


3) At the VxS, log into Windows (default username: "pelco" / default password: "Pel2899100")


4) Right-click on the lower left Windows icon in the task bar and click on "Device Manager" as seen in the image below



5) Click on the arrow next to Storage controllers to list them all as shown below



6) Right-click on the "Avago 3108 MegaRAID" storage controller and then click on "Update Driver Software..." as shown below



7) Click on "Browse my computer for driver software" as shown below



8) Click on "Have Disk" and browse to the flash drive that you inserted that has the updated Windows Drivers.


9) Select the "MegaSAS2.inf" file for the driver


10) The model "Avago 3108 MegaRAID" should now show up in the list, so go ahead and click the model name to select it and then click on Next to install the driver



11) You should see the message that the driver has been successfully updated as shown below



12) When prompted to reboot, click on YES to reboot the VxS



*NOTE:  After the VxS has rebooted, you should go back into the Device Manager and right-click the Avago storage controller and check the properties under the driver tab to verify that the version shows 6.714.5.0 as shown below to verify that the Windows Drivers for the RAID controller have been updated to the correct version.