Sarix Pro 2: Enabling SSH via Pelco Utilities will cause the ssh password to be set to root


On Sarix Pro 2 cameras, enabling ssh via Pelco Utilities will set the useranme to "root" and the password to "root" also.  This is different behavior than is seen on other cameras in that Pelco Utilities will set the username to "root", but the password to "pel2899100" instead.

For additional information in JIRA, please refer to ticket: SXPRO-135

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Sarix Pro 2

Pelco Utilities


Enabling SSH from Pelco Utilities sets the ssh password to a different value for Sarix Pro 2 cameras than it does when enabling ssh on other Pelco cameras.


Sarix Pro 2:  Enabling SSH via Pelco Utilities should set SSH password to "pel2899100", but instead sets the password to "root".  If you want to set the password to "pel2899100" on a Sarix Pro 2 camera, then you need to use the camera Web UI instead and set the ssh password there.