Controller is online but downloads to the SP-C are failing.


Downloads to the Controller are failing. When reviewing the Download Server Diagnosts Window numerous Failed to load DAT file error messages are seen.


Failed to load DAT file. Path='C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric\SecurityExpert\Download\5.dat". Error code = 80070002

***** Invalid Controller (5) version 0


Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution, Other


Security Expert



The Firmware version in the Controller is not compatable with the version of Security Expert being used.


Upgrade the Firmware in the Controller to the latest Firmware build.

  1. From the main menu, select Sites | Controllers.
  2. Right click on a controller, and select Update Firmware.
  3. Click the [...] button and browse to the supplied firmware (.bin) file.
  4. Choose which controller(s) to update by selecting the Include option. Only the selected controller(s) will be updated.
  5. Click Update to commence the firmware update procedure.


The update can take up to 10 minutes per controller to complete. Once complete, the controller is automatically restarted and normal operation resumed.