Cropped desktop when using Dell 9020/7040/7050 micro PCs with Pelco Monitors via HDMI


When using the HDMI output from Dell micro PCs to the HDMI input of Pelco monitors the desktop may appear cropped.

Product Line

Pelco Monitors, Pelco Video Management


  • Pelco PMCL524BL
  • Various Pelco Monitors
  • Dell 9020 micro
  • Dell 7040 micro
  • Dell 7050 micro




Solution #1

  1. Open the Monitor Menu
  2. Scroll to Settings
  3. Change Overscan to OFF


Solution #2

  1. In Windows, right click the desktop and select Graphics Properties.
  2. Click Display.
  3. Under Scaling select Customize Aspect Ratio.
  4.  Adjust the slider bars shown next to the preview on the right.
  5. Click Apply.


Solution #3 (7050 micro hardware only)

  1. Download the Video Driver.
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Uncheck Automatically run WinSAT and enable the Windows Aero desktop theme.
  4. Complete installation and restart.