How to add OneFS NAS volumes to a VXS for recording


In order to use NAS volumes with a VXS, you need to make sure the NAS volumes are configured for Anonymous logon

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


VXS v2.x

OneFS v8.0.0.4


Not able to add NAS volumes to a VXS and get the VXS to actually write video to the NAS volumes.


Here are the steps to add a NAS volume to a VXS and make it available for recording:


1) Login to your OneFS NAS Web UI and go to Windows Sharing (SMB)


2) Click on "Create an SMB Share" to create your volume
*NOTE: In this example we named our volume "RecordArchive"


3) Now click on "View/Edit" for the volume you created as shown below



4) Click on "Edit SMB Share" as shown below



5) Click on "Add User or Group" as shown below



6) Select "Specify Permission Level" and check "Full Control" then click on "Select User"



7) Click on the "Well-known SIDs" radio button and then click on search as shown below



8) Scroll down the list until you find "NT AUTHORITY \ ANONYMOUS LOGON" and click on it then click on "Select" to select it as shown below



9) Under Users and Groups, you should now see the Anonymous Logon account is now added as shown below



10)  Under "View SMB Share Details", you should now see that the ANONYMOUS LOGON user has been added as shown below



11)  Now that the OneFS NAS volume has been configured with the correct settings, you can now go to the VXS Web UI and add the NAS volume to the Volume Group.

*NOTE: Shown below is an example with a NAS volume that has been added to the volume group.  The little green checkmark shows that the volume is available for recording.



12) To verify that recording has started, you can go to the NAS network share and see if new folders are being created similar to what is shown in the image below.