VxPro: Transcoding Information


How many streams can be transcoded?

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Pelco Video Management




Information is not readily available.


How to Transcode:

1. Log into VxOpsCenter

2. Click View > Max Video Quality

3. Pick D1 or CIF


Connection speed settings:

The connection speed setting set in the Ops Center config for a specific server will have the following effect on transcoding:

512K restricts you to JPEG streaming
1 Mbps restricts video to CIF resolution (532 x 240) or smaller
5 Mbps restricts video to D1 resolution (720 x 480) or smaller
10 Mbps restricts video to secondary streams when available
Connection speeds greater than 10 Mbps have access to full resolution video


  1. The secondary stream is picked for transcoding.
  2. For recorded video, If the secondary stream is not recorded, we transcode I-frame only.
  3. We can transcode around 10 streams with our Dell hardware. ( This is an estimate. Actual value depends on secondary stream configuration) 
  4. The software attempts to use hardware transcoding if the GPU uses Nvidia NVENC or supports Intel Quick Sync.
  5. Our hardware has a 2 stream limit of hardware transcoding. 
  6. If the hardware does not support transcoding, we fall back to software transcoding which supports up to 5 streams transcoded to MPEG4. (5 is an estimate. Actual value will depend on CPU speed and secondary stream configuration)