VxPro/VXS: How to configure motion recording with Optera cameras.


Configuring motion recording with Optera cameras

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert
  • VxS
  • VxPro
  • Optera


Currently there is no UI to configure motion recording for Optera cameras.



  1. Install Pelco Utilities v2.10 on a client.


Enabling simple motion detection:

  1. Launch Pelco Utilities.
  2. Select the Optera Camera.
  3. Right click > Device Actions > Enable/ disable motion service.
  4. Select Enable > Click OK.


Configuring motion settings:

  1. Click the devices tab.
  2. Expand the camera tree to select the first stream.
  3. Click on the Motion tab.
  4. Select "Zone Active".
  5. Draw in the motion region.
  6. Adjust the Sensitivity(%) and Threshold(%).
  7. Click Save.


If the camera has already been added to a motion schedule do the following:

  • VxPro: Restart VideoXpert Pro Server and VideoXpert Server Database services.
  • VxS: Restart VideoXpert Storage and VideoXpert Storage Database services.


If the camera has not been added to a motion schedule you can create one now and add this camera.