Exsite auto tracking calibration information.


Calibration information for installation of Exsite for purposes of auto-tracking objects.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Exsite Enhanced


Calibration configuration information for Exsite Enhanced.


The AutoTracker behavior detects and tracks movement in the camera’s field of view. When the AutoTracker behavior is configured, the system automatically pans and tilts to follow the moving object until the object stops or exits the monitored area.

Ideal Scene Setup for Auto Tracker
Install the camera in a ceiling or against a wall with the lens pointing at a slight downward angle, above regular motion activity. The ideal scene for the AutoTracker behavior contains light traffic and a clean background. If heavy traffic or a busy background is unavoidable, place zones relatively stable areas. Avoid crowded scenes where people move in all directions or stand in place for long periods of time.

Important Notes
The zoom factor of the auto-tracking feature is controlled by the display size set in the analytic web page of the Exsite Enhanced camera. This is determined by camera tilt angle, detected object size and the display size. The camera will also appear to stop and then resume movement when tracking an object. This is because the analytics detect camera movement when the camera is not actively moving. 

Objects that are very small might not be classified as the correct object type. This could result in false alarms or a failure to trigger valid alarms. If objects appear too small in the scene, zoom in on the particular zone of interest or move the camera closer to the zone of interest to increase the relative size of the objects in the scene.