VXPro: How to add storage drives to a JBOD configuration


  1. Expected retention time is not met
  2. Additional storage drives have been physically installed but they are not included in the Volume Group

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VXPro Model Numbers:  VXP-P-28-J-S-16 (The J in the model number indicates a JBOD configuration)


On initial configuration, your VxPro JBOD system will record all cameras to a single drive. You must add your additional JBOD drives to a volume group through the VxStorage interface to record using the full capacity of your JBOD system. The VxStorage interface for VxPro will distribute cameras across the default volume group — a grouping of disks across which cameras and recorded video are distributed. However, when you configure VxPro, the volume group will contain only the first, non-OS drive. 


Reference the JBOD Configuration for VxPro manual C6600M.  Click on the document link here

  1. Click on the VXPortal icon on the desktop
  2. Enter the username and password then click Log In
  3. In the uppler left corner of VxPortal click on the dropdown then select Configure Server
  4. In the VideoXpert Storage Portal, enter the username and password then click Log In
  5. Click on the Volumes tab
  6. Select the Volume Group
  7. Under the Volumes column click the + button and add the path of the drive in this format: X:\RecordRoot