Factory Default / Reset a Sarix IBE Series camera


Unable to access the IBE camera via Web Interface.

Forgot the user password for the Sarix IBE  camera.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


Sarix IBE Series 


User password had been changed.

Dont know the camera's TCP/IP address.


Accessing the Default  Button:

Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the round cap covering the access hole on the side of the camera.


Use a Torx screwdriver to unscrew the internal cover.


The Default Button is located under the internal cover along the microSD card slot.


To reset the camera to factory defaults:

With the camera power in, press and hold the Default Button with propper tool for at least 20 seconds.

Let go of the Default Button after 20 seconds.

Re-attach the internal metal cap and the exterior round cap.


Note: By default, DHCP is ON.

Next Gen Sarix Enhanced cameras will similtaneously support two IP addressing schemes: 169.254.x.y with subnet of

and with subnet of


Pelco Utility tool can be use to scan for the camera. The pelco Utility can be download from www.pelco.com