Shared Display: How to remotely change Shared User Password without having to connect directly to the Device


Shared Display User with Expired Password is prompted to Reset Password


Product Line

Pelco Video Management




Shared Display


Expired Password for Shared Display User


It is recommended that you connect a keyboard and mouse to the Shared Display and Manually Reset the password by following the Prompts displayed.  In lieu of a new Feature/Improvement to be added in the future per VX-1562 the following steps are needed to remotely clear an Expired Password message from a Shared Display:

1. Log into Admin Portal using the Shared Display User's credentials.

2. Change the Password when prompted and Save accordingly. 



3. After the first 2 steps are complete, log back into Admin Portal on the same User and reset the password back to the what it was originaly changed from.  This last step will automatically cause the Shared Display to restart and log in with the Credentials which it has already been supplied.