VideoXpert: Enterprise Software Suite version 2.2


VideoXpert Enterprise System requires a software update to Suite 2.2

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Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert Software Suite 2.2 - Enterprise Systems


VideoXpert Enterprise System Software is outdated


VideoXpert Enterprise Products Page:  VideoXpert Enterprise Video Management System

VideoXpert Suite 2.2
VideoXpert Product Release Date Version Download
Release Notes + 2018-APR-03 2.2 Download
Core + 2018-APR-03 Download
Media Gateway + 2018-JAN-04 Download
Accessory Server 2018-APR-03 Download
Ops Center Software + 2018-APR-03 Download
VideoXport Player + 2018-APR-03 Download
VXS Storage + 2018-APR-03 Download
VXToolbox + 2018-APR-03 Download

*Note: All devices require proper licensing to be fully functional after the Grace Period.  Refer to Lessons Learned Article LL#17232
+ Indicates the newest release

VideoXpert Manuals Release Date Download
VideoXpert System Design Guide 2017-Jan-24 Download
3rd-Party Camera Support Guide 2016-Aug-10 Download
Accessory Server User Guide 2016-Jul-20 Download
VideoXpert 2.2 Server Setup and Admin Portal User Guide 2018-Apr-02 Download
VideoXpert Ops Center 2.3 User Guide 2018-Apr-02 Download
VideoXpert Toolbox 1.4 User Guide 2018-Apr-02 Download
Core, MG and OCC Hardware Installation Manual 2016-Dec-02 Download
VXS Storage Installation Manual 2016-Dec-02 Download
VXS Storage RAID Installation 2017-Apr-24 Download


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