Installing Digital Sentry server software (DS NVs) on VxPro hardware


Problems installing Digital Sentry software on a VxPro POWER server, unable to complete the installation.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert Professional hardware
    • VxPro Flex
    • VxPro Power
  • Digital Sentry Server Software (DS NVs Installer)
    • DS NVS v7.17 or greater


Customer requires Digital Sentry software but has VideoXpert Pro hardware.


The following steps are required to complete the process:

  1. Complete uninstall of the VideoXpert Professional software.
  2. Enable  Microsoft .NET 3.5 via "Turn Windows Features On or Off".
  3. Use the DS NVs Installer v7.17 or greater to install the DS software


STEP1 -  Complete Uninstall of the VxPro software:

  1. Follow the steps VxPro software uninstall article: VxPro: Complete Uninstall Procedure


STEP2 - Enable  Microsoft .NET 3.5 via "Turn Windows Features On or Off":


  • Requires the VxPro hardware be connected to an Internet connection in order to enable .NET 3.5, files must be downloaded from Windows Updates during the enable process. 
  • Cannot be connected using WebEx when enabling even with an internet connection, may experience errors "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process" or "catastrophic failure".  If this happens, disconnect from WebEx, have the user reboot and then enable themselves or you can use TeamViewer and enable.

  1. Right-click the START button and select Programs and Features

  2. Click the link in the upper right corner Turn Windows features on or off

  3. Place a check next to .NET Framework 3.5  

  4. When prompted, make sure to select Download files from Windows Update

  5. Verify the installation completes successfully.


STEP3 - Install the DS software on the server

  1. Download the latest DS NVs software release from  (Versions DS NVs v7.17 or greater)  
  2. Extract the download installer to the local machine, run the Setup.exe and follow the prompts.


Note:  You may need to disable the Windows Firewall to allow incoming DS ControlPoint connections.