VideoXpert: Installing Security Updates


Can secuirty patches be installed on VideoXpert equipment for issues such as Wanna Cry?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert
    • VideoXpert Enterprise
      • VxE
    • VideoXpert Professional
      • VxPro
  • Microsoft Windows Updates / Security Patches
  • Intel BIOS updates


Patch the hardware / OS for vulnerabilities


Customers can perform any and all necessary windows updates as well as any and all necessary Intel bios updates relating to the Wanna Cry virus, and those updates are supported for both DS and VX.

Should customers encounter any issues with these updates as it relates to Pelco software performance, please ensure that they raise an immediate ticket with our product support department.

Note: Some of the updates may reduce the amount of available resources that the machine can deliver to Digital Sentry and VideoXpert, and that you may experience diminished performance on the systems. This has nothing to do with Pelco software


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