VxPro: Version Matrix


Customer has an issue with a specific software and only the software version is provided. We need to know which package was used to install the software.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management




The VxPro installer comes with VxToolbox, VxOpsCenter and VxPro Server which all have different versions


VideoXpert Pro Date Type VideoXpert Camera Drivers VideoXpert Pro Server VideoXpert VxOpsCenter VideoXpert VxToolbox 06/01/2017 Image Version 2.1.13228.9319 06/25/2017 First Release 2.1.13593.15 12/01/2017 Patch Release 2.1.15104.104 01/05/2018 Patch Release 2.1.16020.20 02/02/2018 Patch Release/ Image Version 04/03/2018 2.0 Release 06/26/2018 2.5 Release 07/23/2018 2.5 Patch Release