How to apply a signed X509 Certificate to VxPro Systems


Applying an SSL Certificate to a VxPro System 

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


VxPro v2.0+


SSL Security



An SSL Certificate + Private Key with either CN=VxPro IP(If not using DNS) or CN=The Hostname Associated with the VxPro IP(if using DNS)

Files need to be in PCKS12(.pfx or .p12 file extension) or PEM format(.pem file extension).

Supplemental Technical Note:

- PEM files may or may not come with the .pem extension. 

- To check if a Certification file is valid, open the file in text editor and the contents should begin with.  ---------BEGIN followed by base64 encoded characters.  If the file extension is .txt simply change it to .pem to convert.  

- To combine an SSL Certificate with its Private Key file you can use the following example: cat server.crt server.key > server.YOUR_CERTIFICATE.pem


To install an SSL Certificate on a VxPro System:

1. Log into VxToolbox and Select the System Tab

2. Click on the Install New Certificate Button to add the Certificate.  


3. After adding the Certificate, you must go to each Ops Center in the System and enable SSL Certificate Validation as seen below.