VxPro: How to rename cameras and data sources


How to rename cameras in VideoXpert Professional software.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert Professional
    • VxPro v2.0.0.90
    • ECO, Flex, Power


There are multiple ways to rename data sources within VideoXpert Professional software.


VxOpsCenter: Edit camera names/video sources using VxOpsCenter

Editing the camera names using VxOpsCenter renames the 'Video Data Source' which is displayed in VxOpsCenter, VxPortal (as the camera) and the data source for the associated device in VxToolbox.

  1. In the Video Sources list, right-click the camera you would like to rename and select Edit Source....

  2. In the Edit Source window, enter a friendly name for the selected video source and then Save.



VxToolbox:   Rename 'Devices' and 'Data Sources' using VxToolbox

VxToolbox 'Cameras' tab shows a list of devices and their associated data sources. In VxToolbox you can rename either the 'Device' name, the associated data sources or both.  The video data source is what you see as a camera in VxOpsCenter or VxPortal. 

You can have a single device with multiple data sources..e.g. NET5516 analog encoder for instance, this is a single device but with 16 video sources.

To rename a Device and apply the new name to the associated data source

  1. In VxToolbox navigate to the Cameras tab.
  2. Verify the "View:" option at the top of the list shows "Devices".

  3. Highlight the Device to select.
  4. Click the Edit icon    next to 'Camera Information' under the video preview window.

  5. Enter a friendly name for the device. If you would like to apply the same name to the associated data sources, check the box "Apply name to Data Sources" and then Save Changes.

  6. May need to refresh VxToolbox by selecting another tab such as Recording, then reselect the Cameras tab.

    Note:  If the data source does not seem to update in the Cameras tab after refreshing, close and relaunch VxToolbox to see the change.


  Rename the datasources under a device (rename NET5516 encoder channels)

  1. Under the Cameras tab, change the View: to Data Sources 
  2. Highlight the Data Source which requires a name change.
  3. Click the Edit icon    next to 'Data Source Information' under the video preview window.

    Note: If the edit icon does not display for the data source it means the device the data source belongs to has not been added and commissioned to a VxPro recorder, is being detected by VxToolbox only.

  4. Enter a friendly name for the data source and then select Save Changes.

  5. Notice the data source has been renamed.