Support route for Smart Connector Framework issues


Users/Engineers may be unsure of how to access the best support for issues with their Smart Connectors, especially where they have developed their own Smart Connectors, or believe the issue is with the underlying Framework

Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution, Other


SBO/EBO and general Integration Projects


Unlike SBO/EBO which is clearly a standard EcoBuildings Product that falls under PSS Support the Smart Connector (formerly known as Mongoose) was developed by Schneider Electric Buildings Labs

As such the necessary level of specific Smart Connector expertise is not found within the PSS Teams


If you are using a Smart Connector developed specifically for you by a separate Integration Team somewhere within Schneider EcoBuildings, then it is always best to go back to that Team with your technical issues.

In all other cases, the best place to raise your questions would be the Global Online Smart Connector Community:


Here you can raise a new question and speak directly the Software Developers who originally created the Smart Connector Framework