How to make a USB bootable for use with recovery images.


How to make a USB bootable for use with recovery images.

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Pelco Video Management


  • Any USB recovery Product


Misplaced, destroyed, or corrupted USB recovery. Requiring that a new one be created.


Creating a bootable USB drive.

  1. Connect USB drive to PC.
  2. Click Start type CMD in search
  3. Press Enter
  4. At the command prompt type DISKPART


  5. Press Enter
  6. If UAC screen appears click Yes
  7. At the DISKPART screen type List Disk

    List Disk

  8. Press Enter
  9. At the List Disk screen verify the connected USB drive

  10. In the example above Disk 1 would be the correct drive.
    (Failing to select the correct drive will cause complete data loss)
  11. Once the correct drive has been verified type Select Disk and then the Disk# in our example it is Disk 1

    Select Disk

  12. With the correct Disk selected type Clean.
  13. Press Enter


  14. Type Create Partition Primary
  15. Press Enter

    Creating the Partition

  16. Type Active
  17. Press Enter


  18. Type Format FS=Fat32 Quick
  19. Press Enter


  20. Type Assign
  21. Press Enter


  22. Type Exit
  23. Press Enter
  24. The USB drive is now bootable and the recovery image can now be copied to it.