Tech Alert: Esprit Enhanced ES6 Series not functional at 100Mbps Speed FSFP Series Products



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Esprit Functionality at 100 Mbps FSFP Speed Series


There is a compatibility issue that we are currently investigating when configuring an Esprit Enhanced ES6 Series and FSFP Series 100 Mbps Models.  At the moment, only one FSFP model has been validated for functionality.  

Please refer to the following compatibility matrix below when using the Esprit Enhanced ES6 Series and FSFP Series Fiber Models:

Model # Data Rate (Mbps) Test Results
FSFP-EGMM2LC55 1000 (1Gbps) Pass
FSFP-EFMM2LC2 100 Failed
FSFP-AFMM1SC2 100  Pending 
FSFP-BFMM1SC2 100 Pending

A software resolution will be available on starting June 30, which will resolve all connectivity issues with the ES6 and all Fiber Models.  If you need a resolution before then, please contact your Regional Technical Support team for an early Controlled Release of the firmware.