Optera/SpectraHDR: Not able to restore from a backup while using Microsoft Edge if the backup file has a .txt file extension.


When you select "Generate Backup File" from the camera Web UI while using Microsoft Edge, a .txt file extension may be added to the filename of the backup file that is created.  If you then try to restore the camera settings using that same backup file, you will receive an error, since the camera does not expect the backup file to have an extension as a part of the filename.

Regarding JIRA ticket "SPS-6297"

Product Line

Pelco Video Management



Spectra HDR (D6230)


When you use the camera Web UI to restore camera settings from a backup file, the backup file cannot have any extension in the filename or else this will generate an error.


If you use Microsoft Edge to generate a backup file and .txt gets appended to the filename, you will need to rename the backup file and remove the .txt file extension.  You will only be able to restore camera settings from the backup file if the backup filename has no file extension in it.