VideoXpert: Enterprise and Professional VxSNMP Agent Installation


VideoXpert Enterprise or Professional system monitoring is required via SNMP Trap Manager

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VxSNMP Agent version
  • VideoXpert Enterprise Suite version 2.2 and newer
  • VideoXpert Professional version 2.0 and newer


VxSNMP Agent installation is required


Getting Started with VxSNMP Agent
VxSNMP Agent enables the SNMP manager application to monitor your VideoXpert system via SNMP. The following functionality is supported:

Prerequisite:  The snmp user's password must be set on the VideoXpert Enterprise or VideoXpert Professional System.  This can be accomplished via the Admin Portal or VxToolbox. Once the password is set, make sure to login with the snmp user to Admin Portal and check if password change request pops up. If so, assigning a new password is required.

• Monitoring system camera information and health status, for example: whether the camera is Online or Offline, the camera number, and whether the camera is recording or not.
• Providing VideoXpert software services status, for example: whether the software is running or stopped.
• Monitoring the health and performance of local hardware components, using existing Windows support leveraged by the camera.
• Providing notification of events associated with VideoXpert software services using Traps. • Providing secure communication using SNMPv3.

Note:  SNMP is not supported at this time for VideoXpert products running on Linux OS, such as VideoXpert Decoder, Shared Display and Accessory Server

VideoXpert Product Release Date Version Download
VxSNMP Agent Quick Start Guide 2018-MAY-01 Download
VxSNMP Agent  2018-MAY-01 Download