VxPro: How to reset the VxToolbox password


VxToolbox is prompting for a password when opening, the password is unknown and VxToolbox does not open.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert
    • VxPro
    • VxToolbox


Password has been lost.


To reset the VxToolbox local application password the software must be reinstalled.

With a VxPro server, the installation software is a suite of software including VxOpsCenter, VxPro Server and VxToolbox,  this means you can uninstall or install any of those apps using the 'VideoXpert Professional' software installer.

Download the VideoXpert Pressional software installer which matches your currently installed version - pelco.com/vxpro  
VxPro Version Matrix


  1. Double-click the downloaded VideoXpert Professional installer (e.g. VideoXpert Professional vx.x)
  2. Uncheck VxProServer and VxOpsCenter, leave ONLY VxToolbox checked under the list of Uninstall Applications.

  3. With only VxToolbox checked, click Uninstall.  If prompted select YES to the UAC prompt.
  4. Once the software reports the uninstall is finished, click Close.

  5. Double-click the VideoXpert Professional installer again to launch.
  6. Check "I accept the terms of the License agreement".

  7. Click Begin Installation
  8. Verify only VxToolbox is checked.

  9. Click Install
    - if prompted click YES to the UAC prompt.
  10. When the installation reports Finished!, click Close

  11. Launch VxToolbox using the shortcut icon

  12. You will be prompted to add the credentials for the VxPro server connection, this is NOT the Vxtoolbox app password. 
    Use the VideoXpert 'admin' account or any administrative user account which has been created.  Default = Pel2899100

    Note: If you are not sure you know the 'admin' password, you can try passwords by logging into the VxPortal web interface.  https:// ip address of recorder

  13. If you do not want a VxToolbox local account password, make sure to select No thanks when prompted.

  14. VxToolbox should be fully restored and operating as before but no longer requiring a local password to open.