How to select Pelco Media Player in Pelco IP cameras


No documents showing where to select pelco Media player.

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No documents showing where to go to select pelco media player in the web browser of pelco IP cameras.


Log into the Pelco IP camera first, then click on the bottom left corner where it shows Primary Stream once the menu shows up click on primary stream or secondary stream then select your transmission example Unicast or Multicast.  

Next Selct the player Pelco Media Player

If this is not an option on the camera you will need to download and install pelco media player from our website. Current version as of 7/17/18 is Pelco media player is not used in EVO 360 cameras. Use ONCAM 360-Degree Camera Viewer for the EVO 360 cameras which can be downloaded from

After you have the player you want to use then click Select and now you should be using Pelco media player to view the camera's video.


EXAMPLE OF IME329 Pelco IP camera