Continuum Video Integration Compatibility Matrix and Supported Camera List


Digital Sentry and Endura VMS systems have specific cameras and firmware that are supported by the Continuum Integration

Product Line

Andover Continuum, Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management



Digital Sentry

Endura 2.0


In the past the video compatibility matrix was very specific about what vms firmware versions and cameras were tested and supported by Continuum. As of 2.02 and above, Continuum is relying on Pelco's testing of specific cameras with either Digital Sentry or Endura and this article lists those specific links. Only the Digital Sentry link was in the 2.02 Video Compatibility Matrix.


Video Matrix for 2.02 - Download Here

Pelco cameras supported by Digital Sentry v7.15 :

Pelco cameras supported by Endura 2.0:

Pelco support indicates that the camera compatibility lists are for specific models, not for a certain series of camera. i.e. IME22 doesn't mean the IME22x is supported.