VideoXpert: How to configure Ops Center v2.5 or Enhanced Decoder with a monitor number


Monitor call up configuration for VideoXpert ASCII integration is needed

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert Enterprise:  Ops Center and Enhanced Decoder version 2.5 -  Normal Workstation mode.
  • VxPro


Ops Center or Enhanced Decoder requires a monitor number for the VideoXpert ASCII service to switch to a specific layout view and display specific cameras


  1. Launch OpsCenter
  2. Login with [Username: localadmin Password: localadmin]
  3. Configure the OpsCenter client settings relevant to your system. 
  4. Under Workstation Mode select Normal
  5. Under Configure Monitors click the edit tool

  6. Click on the Direct connect monitor or Decoder monitor 
  7. Under VXS System Monitor Number, enter the monitor number
  8. Place a check mark next to Auto-accept all shared video streams and views
  9. Click Done